I’ve been enjoying Curry’s podcast a lot lately. Today he created another great one. One thing is tricky though. On the show Adam is talking about that any ASCAP artist can release his/her music using a Creative Commons license or add their music to Podsafe Music Network. ‘It is YOUR music’, he says. (more…)

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Power Tools for Reason 3 website

Check out Peff’s Power Tools for Reason 3.0 website. You can listen to my tune Grrrroove and read about ReasonBanks. Just in case you missed this post; Andras and I have created a special SynthFactory Refill for the book. So this book must be great, right? 😉 Available at Amazon!

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Adam goes 100% Podsafe!

I just listened to Adam’s podcast of November 7. This is a very, very interesting podcast. Adam talks about the licensing weirdness which is going on in the music and podcast industry. Check for example my old post about ASCAP’s very strange model. And the stuff I was discussion with the Dutch VPRO. To make […]

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SynthFactory Refill

For Peff’s new book ‘PowerTools for Reason 3’ (available at Amazon) Andras and I created a very special Refill; SynthFactory. It contains 23 NNXT patches created by Andras and 11 Combinator patches created by me. My Combinator patches are created using only Subtractor, Malström, effect and routing devices like Combi Manifesto 1. My song Sea […]

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Propellerhead Ernst loves DRM

Propellerhead Ernst says: ‘I love DRM!’. Ernst: I don’t agree! DRM is an evil system. It’s like showing your identity card in the bars you visit daily, the neighbors you meet on the street, and even your wife wants you to show your identity card. Every time you need to say: yes, it IS me, […]

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Fantasy Times Podcast

It’s hard to keep track of all the podcast-shows which play my music. Today I found out that The Fantasy Time Podcast played my track Chilled in episode #9 of October 6. Thanks! If I missed your show, just let me know.

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Reason Drum Kits 2

Today my friends at Propellerhead Software are announcing Reason Drum Kits 2. I was one of the beta-testers and I can tell you: it is a killer ReFill! By the way, I created this song with it 🙂

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