Spam, spam, spam

I hate spam and I hate these companies who are spamming my comments here at Melodiefabriek.

Today is the day. None of these companies will be able to leave their unwanted comments anymore. From now on anyone must have a previously approved comment before it will be published. Most of you will have no trouble using it, only the newbies will be put on hold a little longer. I feel sorry about it, but it’s better this way. I am sure you hate spam as much as I do!

I will keep track of those spammers and will report it to …

Update: I have installed Spam Karma 2. Let’s see if that protects us from stupid spam information from those total losers.
Update 2: Found the reason for the spam which was getting through since yesterday:

The stats code introduced yesterday had a bug which only triggered about 24 hours after it had launched. It kicked in for different blogs at different times, but the result was that starting sometime last night you probably started to see really obvious spam getting past your Akismet filters.

Some serious downtime for Akismet, the spam-filter-plugin I am using for a long long time in WordPress and which worked fine.


You should try out spam karma 2 ( I was getting ridiculous amounts of comment spam until I installed this plugin. The best part is that it requires no work from you once it’s set up. It has successfully detected almost 1000 spam comments on my blog – only 2 or 3 have slipped passed. That’s a pretty good record. Keep up the good work – I’ve been reading since I found your squidoo lens back in April.

I am glad to learn of Spam karma 2. I have not had spam problems with my weblog, but I am working on a new site, and it will be good to have a new spamblock available.

In other news, today I purchased Reason 3.0. Also, I finally figured out how to use plug-ins in my Anvil Studio. Now I will be busy for the next few years figuring out how to use them!

Akismet is really good as well as a standard plugin for WordPress.

Reason3 is great. I am sure you will love the Malstrom and in combination with the Combinator you can build your own sounds. More… later 🙂

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