Professional Services with Reason

businessmenKurt Kurasaki aka Peff has probably the longest friendly relationship with Propellerhead Software of any of those power users. When Kurt was hacking ReBirth and started those well known ReBirth Mods I wasn’t even using a computer for music. After years of working with the Atari 1040st the PC didn’t feel right to me. I never really liked Cubase VST (which I loved using on the Atari, Cubase without audio that is). But that all changed when I found out about Reason. I download the demo of Reason 1.0 and within 3 days I bought the program.

So here we are almost 6 years have gone by since. And I still love Reason and use it a lot, daily. Reason is still my main tool, Ableton Live I use mainly for audio recording and audio manipulation. Peff has always been a great help. His unique ideas and free Refills has inspired me a lot. His book Power Tools For Reason is an essential book for any Reason user. Including me! I am still learning new ways to program or arrange a song, or to create an interesting patch.

Peff, who was also one of the sound designers for Reason 3, was a great help for me during that time. Peff has created some really great sounding patches, a lot of those fantastic FM-like Subtractor patches (also Combis based on stacking Subs), a few totally unique sounding guitar-patches and those violin-samples of course. And Peff found out about the workaround how to trigger a DrREX device in a Combinator. The exact size the backdrop needed to be when we were still crashing with the alpha version of Reason 3… Such a great time. We had a blast when we were trying to create the best Factory Soundbank anyone could imagine.

To make a long story short: Peff and I are making a living partly because of those Swedish darlings. Call it friendship, or call it a professional relationship. Seriously: it’s both 🙂 Anyways, Peff was so kind to add a little info about me to his Reason-Pro list. Okay I admit: I sometimes feel professional about it. Fun and professional. Can I say that or is that my ego?


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