FilterBoxx for Reason

FilterBoxx is a Combi I created for Reason 3 which is meant to filter stereo-channels. It can work on mono-sources as well of course. It uses a Malström for filtering. You can use it for any source. I also created a custom Backdrop for it, so it’s easy to switch between different filter-types (bandpass, lowpass […]

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Perfect way

foto by beatnikside My song of the day is Pefect Way by Scritti Politti. You might start wondering: ‘wtf?’. Well please check out this video first and return later on to Melodiefabriek. This composition is simply brilliant, please let me dig into it. You have this intro with the clean guitar and then bang, they […]

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line6 logo

Line6 will promote ReasonBanks products

Today my buddy Andras Haasz send me a list of ReasonBanks products we need to ship to Line6 (California, USA). Yes, Line6! On top of that list I found ‘Manifesto Series’, for which I am fully responsible. As most of you might know, Line6 is one of the leading pioneers for modern guitar-equipment. Line6’s AmpFarm […]

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London, the Dutchies are coming!

Sunday 5 February The Luminaire presents DOUBLE G & THE TRAITOROUS 3 + Polly Scattergood – Doors 7.30, £5 via WeGotTickets Recommend you keep an eye on this listing. We’ll soon post a link to tickets and if you don’t get one and your friends do, you’ll be green with envy. Main support is provided […]

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I love Scritti Politti. I am a fan. A fan for many years. My DiSfish partner Cezary Ostrowski is a huge fan too. Green Gartside, the singer and songwriter of Scritti, stopped playing live since 1980! Panic attacks, serious panic attacks he got when performing. And guess what? Yesterday evening Green did a gig at […]

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Both Apple and Microsoft are like little children. They will never produce something that’s compatible with the platform of the competition. So Apple started using AAC with evil DRM. And Microsoft chooses WMA with DRM. WMA is not compatible with iPods and guess what? The new Urge music service Gates unveiled today isn’t either. Urge […]

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Pete Townshend on hearing loss

A friend of mine is having hearing loss; tinnitus. He has played in bands and is doing music on the computer for years and years. Me too, same thing but I am not having any hearing trouble. My friend wondered if it all was caused by listening to loud music in clubs or wearing headphones. […]

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