A small tip: using a compressor as EQ

Audio level compression, also called dynamic range compression, volume compression, compression, limiting, or DRC (often seen in DVD player settings) is a process that manipulates the dynamic range of an audio signal. Compression is used during sound recording, live sound reinforcement, and broadcasting to improve the perceived volume of audio. A compressor is the device used to create compression.

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When you start changing the dynamic range of an audio signal, the perception of frequencies for the human ear is affected as well. Because of this a compressor can be used as an EQ.

So if a single-band compressor (using one compressor for the whole frequency-range) radically changes the EQ of a sound, using a multiband-compressor will create almost endless possibilties.

Here are a few tips how to really master the compression techniques:

  • Don’t use too many different compressors, just stick to one or two and really explore the way they are affecting your sound
  • Use nothing but compressors to change the frequencies of your signal, don’t use any EQ!
  • Be patient, make mistakes and learn from these mistakes

When you have mastered how to use compressors, you might start using a bit of EQ as well, but using both at the same time might be confusing when you really want to learn how a compressor can affect sounds.

And last be not least: because compressors are changing the dynamics of sound, a compressor can add some ‘air’ to your track. So using lots of them, for example one per channel, can totally change the whole perception of your mix. I think it’s a journey which is well worth to spend some serious life energy on!

Good luck exploring!

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