Online collaborations for audio & video

Because of the Internet your location is no longer important, it’s all about the quality of your work that counts. Online collaboration is becoming so much easier lately, because we can call and chat at the same time using Skype or Google Talk. I can route the output signal of my music software, Reason for example, as input device to Skype so I can demo sounds I am working on for example. Or I can point to an audio-file online and discuss it over phone/Skype.

For video it gets a bit more complicated. Today my colleague of VPRO radio/television/internet, Erwin Blom, posted (Dutch text) about syncVUE. This system seems to be great for having a viewing session over Skype. With the tool all participants can add timecode-locators for further discussion. It doesn’t stream (yet) so you need to send the file to the participants or upload it somewhere. It speeds up the process and location is no longer an issue. Cool new possibilities!

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