If you have the balls: donate

My buddy John McCaig, aka jdg, has testicular cancer. John is one of the most interesting composers of the last few years. And John is a sound guru too; his stuff sounds mindblowing. He’s also a hell of a mastering engineer. Without doubt he’s one of the most important faces behind the electronic website I love so much: EM411.com.

But like a lot of people in lovely America, John is not insured. Fortunately his wife is running a bakery called Sugar Delights and by donating a bit of your money you’re helping them in a great way. So please consider a donation. Just go to Sugar Delights.

Help my buddy! And trust me: John and I will finish that song we started working on… months and months ago…


even though my balls are very small i am willing to part with one of them for a small fee

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