Cirocco is live, check out the Cuckoo video!

As some of you might know: I released a remix some time ago under the moniker RobotVomit based on the vocals of Lisa DeBenedictis’ track Cuckoo. It got some great reviews at, recieved an Editorial Pick and was selected for the Creative Commons Nederland DVD (Dutch text).

Then on March 17, 2006 during the workshop “workshop on technical and legal aspects of p2p-television” here in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, I met a woman named Irene Kress, who worked for public television for many years and who was very much interested in doing crossmedia productions. To make a long story short: we started a partnership under the name Cirocco (text only in Dutch at the moment, but we will provide info in English someday soon).

Because my track Cuckoo got selected for the Creative Commons DVD, Irene decided to create a video-clip based on the work of sculpture artist Ellen Klijzing:


An MP4-version is also available. You can put it on your iPod or any other device. The video is released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license so you can freely share this video for non-commercial use.

Working on crossmedia-projects with Irene is great fun because we can create all sorts of things ourselves and have total control over it. Cuckoo was Cirocco’s first production. Our second production, an interview with Erwin Blom (Head VPRO Digital) will be available soon on the Dutch journalists’ website DeNieuweReporter. We’ve got a lot more planned for the future so stay sharp 🙂


This is very creative, Marco. It held my attention easily. I look forward to the two of you doing some more fun things.

Thanks a lot Robert. This one was done by Irene. I just did the music based on Lisa’s vocals.

We’re planning to do more video’s. We’ve got one more ready right now 🙂

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