Inspector, a free metering plugin

A good metering system is an engineer’s best friend. I am using RME’s digiCHECK for years now and I still love it. In fact it is probably the reason why I never sold my RME Hammerfall. I do like the Hammerfall’s sound, but WDM-support is still lacking. The new WDM beta-drivers are still not okay, but fingers crossed: let’s hope they will be stable soon.

To make a long story short: there are alternative metering systems available. One of them: Roger Nichols Inspector. It’s a free plugin and it seems to work just fine. Peak and RMS values can be shown at the same time. Unfortunately no K-system metering adjustments, but overall it feels like a great plugin.

And for those of you who don’t know anything about Roger: do a search on his name, or on Steely Dan. I think Roger is one of the best engineers around and I am still impressed by most of the records he did with Steely Dan, Aja for example.

Go ahead, check out Inspector!


Although i’m also waiting on the final WDM release of RME’s driver, i don’t understand why you are this critical about RME driver support in public.

I think you could give RME some credit just for updating their drivers this often and always with exceptional stability in the final release. I bought my Hammerfall DSP 4 years ago and support has always been fabulous. Driver updates always bring new functionality to their old devices. Name one company, besides Propellerheads which is “just” a software developer, that provides such serious and high quality support to their old customers.

Sorry for this “serious” reaction on a topic about metering plugins, but it is just something that bothered me a bit. I understand you’re eager to use the WDM driver, good thing, so report your problems and they will probably get it fixed in the end.


I have reported my issues to RME. So hopefully the issues will be fixed soon because WDM support is a must.

I give RME credit for updating their drivers, but often.. no. I am waiting for WDM support for a real long time. I bought an Echo Indigo (stable drivers too!) over a year ago and it supports WDM since… day one?

But sure I don’t want to give RME a hard time. I am sure they will create some stable WDM-drivers some day soon…

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