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When I was searching this morning on the term ‘Propellerhead Reason’ I noticed that my Reason-lens at Squidoo was shown as link number 30. That’s not bad at all! It’s ranked higher than an old Reason recource like ReasonStation for example.

At Squidoo it has a overall ranking of 152, which is also a good sign the lens is being used often.

Since I am one of the main sound designers behind Reason, I felt I should give you the best information about this product in a simple aggregated way. Squidoo is offering that fuctionality. I am glad it works nicely for Reason fans. It’s becomming a good, quick and simple to use recource for Reason, a one-stop-keep-me-up-to-dat kind of page. Or lens I should say. Squidoo has lenses, not pages 🙂

I have put some time into optimising my Reason-lens at Squidoo. And I also update it from time to time. Thanks to the RSS aggregation-system the lens is automatically updated when new posts are appearing in the feeds. At the moment the Propellerhead website doesn’t offer a RSS-feed, but when they do I will be happy to add it to the lens as well.

But what about you? What’s your opinion about my Reason-lens at Squidoo ? What could be done to improve it or what else could I do so you’ll be able to find the right information about Reason in a quicker and more simple way? Just leave your thoughts and comments below.

You can also leave your comments at my Reason-lens at Squidoo or contact me using the Squidoo contact form.

Update: Search rank mentioned above was for Google-search. At it’s even better: the lens shows up at number 7 right now.


… maybe the wrong place, but tell a bit about the Reason Pianos (I think you betatesting this refill), are they very CPU hungry like the Reason Drum Kits ?
Would they kill my G5 2.1 Ghz together ?

Yes, they are very heavy. I have 1 gig and that seems to be not enough for some of the piano’s. I was beta testing those and got approval to do a few patches, but time… it was a problem.

Sound is lovely though, but you need serious amounts of RAM to be able to load all the patches. I was thinking about making a few more compact patches because you really don’t need all these samples for your sounds. Sure micing a piano with 3 sets of mics is lovely, but in a lot of those real-world situations you might end up with a more simple set-up. Need to say: the ReFill offers many different config and a lot of them are not super-heavy, but still: you need at least 1 gig in my opinion. I don’t think disk-streaming would help either because Kontakt for example needs major amounts of RAM too.

Hope this helps 🙂 Let me know!

…thanx a lot ,btw. do you speak about the 24bit refill or the 16bit ?
I think the 16bit version should not eat so much power !?

Just the 16 bit version. sorry, I forgot to mention that. I am only using DrumKits2 at 16 bit too. Sounds great.

I only use 24 bit when I am not able to do good dithering and when the overhead is not too heavy, with rx2-loops for example. That guitar stuff I am working on is all 24 bit but not too heavy because those are rx2-loops. But multi-samples in 24 bit can be heavy. 24 bit might be cool but only if your using full dynamics with no compression, but I think you’re aware of this. 24 bits for padsounds is like hitting a mug with a baseballstick 🙂

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