Reason Compact 2.0 and Reason 10.4: from scratch ideas to full arrangements

Propellerhead has released Reason Compact and Reason 10.4, offering new ways to make music.

Propellerhead has released today an update of their free iOS music app Reason Compact, now turning into version 2.0. They also updated (free update) their full fledged Reason program, which now turned into version 10.4. Or download Reason Lite for free. How cool is that?

With these releases Propellerhead is offering a super neat way to start a small idea on your iPhone or iPad which can be exported to for example your desktop/laptop as audio file or as Reason project.

Both Reason Compact AND Reason 10.4 now include 2 additional instrument devices:

Rytmik Drum Machine

A simply but nifty drum machine with 8 slots and 16 free drumkits.

This how Rytmik looks like in Reason 10.4:

And this how Rytmik looks like in Reason Compact 2.0:

Monotone Bass Synthesizer

A newly coded bass synthesizer which comes with many patches and has a very diverse tonal range. It can sound deep, retro, analog, FM-like and is super simple to operate.

This how Monotone looks like in Reason 10.4:

And this how Monotone looks like in Reason Compact 2.0:

+ Europa of course!

And also included is the fantastic sounding synth Europa of course! So in Reason Compact you can create ideas using Rytmik for beats, Monotone for bass and Europa for chords/melodies.

Exporting from Compact

From Compact you can make exports:

  • You can export your song as a Reason file. When you import it in Reason 10.4 it will open the song with the rack devices for Rytmik, Monotone and Europa. It might also add the Dual Arpeggio and/or the Scales & Chords player device(s) to the rack when those where used in the song.
  • You can export the track to a stereo 16/48kHz WAV-file.
  • You can export to a Sound preset for Rytmik, Monotone and Europa. A nice way to work on sounds for these devices.

If you’re on a Mac desktop/laptop it’s super convenient to Airdrop those exports.

Oh by the way, this is how the cool Compact looks like on an iPhone:

Even for those who are not Reason users Reason Compact is a great tool for creating ideas, making beats, writing melodic or harmonics ideas and send to your favourite DAW of choice.

Compact also includes Ableton Link so you can sync Compact to any other devices using it. Great for live performances.

Although I was involved in testing Compact 2.0 and Reason 10.4, so my opinion is a little subjective (to make it clear: I don’t get paid for this), there’s some smart thinking and smart coding behind all this. Mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad and Reason on desktop/laptop integrate superbly and create a new musical workflow.

Us musicians are the lucky ones.

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