A killer filter for Reason: PMS-20 RE


They say that “Blondes have all the fun”. Thanks to the very analog sounding filter for Reason, the PMS-20 Rack Extension that came out yesterday, audio people around the globe with red, brown or black hair can now have a much fun as blondes like me. Developed by Primal Audio, the company that also created the mighty fine sounding FM4 synth.

The PMS-20 RE is modelled after a Korg-35 filter which can be found in Korg MS-10 and MS-20 synths. It is a very raw sounding filter, containing a 6dB/oct high-pass and a 12dB/oct low-pass filter. The filters are self-oscillating and can be driven into smooth sounding saturation. The additional Rage switch can push the signal even further, beyond what a MS-10 or MS-20 is capable off.

I have been beta testing this plugin for several months. But please don’t think this is a sponsored post, because it is not. I have to pay for the PMS-20 like any other Reason user. It’s rather cheap though: €19.00

Here’s a video and audio-playlist which demonstrates what the filter is capable of:

I found out that the PMS-20 can be the icing on the cake for great guitar tones. Can you imagine running your Marshall, Vox or Fender (using Softube Amp or Kuassa Creme or Vermilion) through a Korg MS-20? Now I can! It will add these lovely vocal frequencies thanks to the fantastic filter and saturation processing. Both the filter and the saturation processing are the best I have ever heard in digital processing. It’s as if you’re using analog hardware BUT with the convenience of digital processing.

How I love these modern times. My music has never sounded better than it does today.

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