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U-he releases the RePro-1 as Researchware!

U-he is developing a modelled version of the famous Sequential Circuits Pro-One synth. They have an alpha version ready at the moment which they are releasing for free as Researchware. Why? Well, because they want anyone with good ears to help them answer the tricky question: do you want the filter to sucks the juices out […]

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Interview with Primal Audio about designing Rack Extensions for Reason

Primal Audio got my attention when they announced on Facebook that they were working on a Rack Extension (for Propellerhead Reason users) version of their popular iPad app: FM4. After that they came out with the PMS-20, a Korg-35 filters simulation, analogue style using dual high-pass/low-pass. And then a couple of weeks ago they gave us, Reason users, the brilliant Ladder […]

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A killer filter for Reason: PMS-20 RE

They say that “Blondes have all the fun”. Thanks to the very analog sounding filter for Reason, the PMS-20 Rack Extension that came out yesterday, audio people around the globe with red, brown or black hair can now have a much fun as blondes like me. Developed by Primal Audio, the company that also created the […]

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Bass Balls [Pulveriser]

Today I want to zoom in on the greatness of the Pulveriser device for bass sounds. Not only has the Pulveriser some funky filters but also its envelope Follower is a great bonus for extra funkiness. For our today’s example I’ve made a fat sounding bass with just a Thor, Pulveriser + Spider Audio.

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Will it Blend? [Pulveriser]

Why would you apply an effect to the full range using a compressor or an EQ when you can also fix and tweak a specific part, a tiny detail in a more subtle way? I mean: this is 2013, we’re using software on extreme powerful computers, we can do things with audio now we could […]

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