SoundCloud stops sharing music via inline player for Facebook

Radiotoday writes:

SoundCloud has made some changes to the way links are displayed on Facebook, meaning an end to embedded audio on the social network.

So instead of offering a cool inline player for Facebook, like YouTube, Vimeo, BandCamp and every other web-service on the planet is doing, SoundCloud wants the user to click away from Facebook just to listen to a track on SoundCloud. This feels like Twitter which stopped showing images of Instagram in Twitter streams some time ago. The thing we call Social Media but which turns out to be Competing Media.


SoundCloud obviously doesn’t want its content to be shared. So why bother sending my listeners from Facebook to SoundCloud instead of my own website? The native WordPress-player I am using here on my site doesn’t look as pretty as the SoundCloud-player but who cares? It works perfectly and is as simple as pie to use (just add an mp3-link to the blog post and you’re done).

WordPress wins!

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