The ART of Audiomatic Retro Transformer

I always thought that Audiomatic was some kind of Combinator that cannot be unfolded + additional scripting + Impulse Responses for some of its presets. Mmm…

Audiomatic versus the Combinator version

Like many others I am a fan of the Reason Rack Extension called ART (Audiomatic Retro Transformer). It’s like using Instagram or a Snapchat filter for sound.

I always thought that Audiomatic was some kind of Combinator that cannot be unfolded + additional scripting + Impulse Response for some of its presets. But I was wrong about the additional scripting and IR. ART is a Rack Extension which was modelled from Combinator patches.

Reason user Selig (Giles Reaves) shared his story on creating 2 presets for Audiomatic: Tape and Wash. Here’s the Combinator version of Tape you can download for free:

Selig ART: Tape Combinator (unknown, 1,601 hits)

And Selig shared the nifty details behind the famous Wash preset he created:

Don’t know if this will help much, but basically the input is split and one path goes to a delay/low pass filter, while the other is a bit more complex: it goes to an EQ with a low mid boost, into a bit crusher, then a LPF set to a mid range frequency with some resonance, then a HPF set low with high resonance, then to a room reverb with one output feeding a distortion and the other feeding a compressor! I’d have to do more in-depth analysis so get more exact numbers – the bit crush and room reverb are probably the wild cards here, as they may be more difficult to find accurate replacements in the Reason world.

Very well programmed Combinator patches. That’s ART!

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