Almost ready for release: my Rockmen ReFill

Over a year ago I wrote about the Rockmen ReFill I was working on. Now it is almost ready for release: next Monday the 20th of June 2016.

Over a year ago I wrote about the Rockmen ReFill I was working on. Now it is almost ready for release: next Monday the 20th of June 2016.


Rockmen ReFill uses no amp Rack Extensions and no Impulse Responses. It works on Reason 6.5 or higher without any additional Rack Extension needed!

Rockmen contains my own custom build AMP which uses a special chain of saturation, filter and compression devices. This took a long time to build. I made 9 prototypes in total before I found the one I was looking for. What I was looking for? A warm sounding tube-like amp that is capable of all sorts of tones with great dynamics. In short: great to play and to listen to 🙂

The Rockmen ReFill comes with some additional effects:

  • Filter effects
  • Saturation effects
  • Modulation effects
  • Echo effects
  • Reverb effects

Except for the AMP the effect Combinator devices are mainly single-purpose devices. They don’t use much CPU power. And by selecting these effects before and after the AMP you can create your own guitar rack in a quick and easy way.

Here’s a preview of what is coming…

To be continued…

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