My VOX George Michael reverb patch for Reason (Factory Sounds)

Many years ago I designed the Vox George Michael patch for Reason’s Factory Sounds ReFill. In respect to George Michael. Here’s that story.

The news that George Michael has died has shaken me up since yesterday. He is just 5 years older than I am. And I so remember when the Korg M1 came out that George started to use that workstation a lot too like us. Including the static sounding ‘house’ piano, the strings and that memorable stand-up bass sound. George was a great singer who didn’t need tons of reverb. But somehow he loved tones of reverb on his voice.

Many years ago when I was designing new sounds to be added to the Factory Sounds ReFill for Reason (they called it Factory SoundBank back then) I thought about George and his vocal sound. So I made a reverb effect patch called Vox George Michael. It was included in Reason ever since.

The rest is history…

Thanks George!

P.S. For Reason 9 (or higher) users, you can find the patch in the Reason Sounds folder > All Effect Patches > Reverb > VOX George Michael.cmb

For older Reason versions:  Reason Factory SoundBank > All Effect Patches > Reverb > VOX George Michael.cmb


Reason Factory Sound bank > All Effect Patches > Reverb > VOX George Michael.cmb


Magnificent voice and sound of George Michael. Think I have all songs on cd and dvd. As a fan I shall mis him forever. Think about the video clips he made for new songs.

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