Listen to my audio journal 2016

As a member of Disquiet Junto I made an audio journal 2016 of 1 minute: 12 months of 5 seconds each, combined with hard transitions.

As a member of Disquiet Junto I made an audio journal 2016 of 1 minute. 12 months of 5 seconds each, combined with hard transitions. This resulted in the following:


January 2016:
interview via Skype with Tom America
February 2016:
interview with Stijn Meuris in Belgium Hasselt
March 2016:
‘Mooi gevoel’ idea recorded with my iPhone
April 2016:
5 seconds from the track Dooie Muis (
May 2016:
unknown demo
June 2016:
demotrack for my Rockmen ReFill (
July 2016:
‘NIMBY’ demo
August 2016:
Disco9 demo
September 2016:
’Waar naartoe’ idea recorded with my iPhone
Oktober 2016:
experiment with Auto-Tune
November 2016:
‘Droge Fonk’ demo
December 2016:
interview Spinvis in Breda

More on this 261st weekly Disquiet Junto project — “Audio Journal 2016: Create a sonic diary of the past year with a dozen five-second segments — at:

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