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ALT Limiter [Pulveriser]

Today I will show you that it is very easy to build your own alternative limiter using the Pulveriser. Limiting the peaks A limiter limits the peaks. So when a signal passes a threshold the signal will be decreased in volume. So to create a limiter we need: a threshold device a device which can […]

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Dynamic Compression [Pulveriser]

Today I want to share a simply but super effective usage of the Pulveriser, one that will change the compression amount dynamically. Compressing the peaks Add the Pulveriser to your rack. Let’s try using it in the Master section this time, as a Mastering effect. Now hit the Tab-key for connecting the back of the […]

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amplitude modulation

Amplitude Modulation [Pulveriser]

Let’s have a look at the back of the Pulveriser in Reason: Yesterday I wrote a blogpost on Frequency Modulation so for today I want to focus on the other modulation option: Amplitude Modulation. Amplitude Modulation is easy to explain: volume modulation. One signal is forcing the other signal to respond dynamically in volume/amplitude. With […]

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Tremor Rudiments Trigger [Pulveriser]

Clicks, ticks & statics The static noises of vinyl records sometimes adds something rather unique to music in my opinion. Those tiny rhythmic offsets are pleasant for the ears and makes the music sound less even, less boring. For years and years I’m creating these kinds of noises with the synths in Reason. The SubTractor […]

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CV shapping

CV shaping [Pulveriser]

You can use the Follower of Pulveriser for shaping CV transients. You can do this by either use CV or audio as input signal. By using the Attack and Release parameters of the Follower you can shape the Modulation Output (CV) on the backpanel.

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Leslie LFO [Pulveriser]

The Tremor section in Pulveriser is an LFO which can modulate the Filter Frequency parameter and/or the main output Volume parameter. You can set the Rate to a specific value and the modulation will occur in that tempo. What I will show you in today’s example is how you can change that tempo, that Rate […]

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Will it Blend? [Pulveriser]

Why would you apply an effect to the full range using a compressor or an EQ when you can also fix and tweak a specific part, a tiny detail in a more subtle way? I mean: this is 2013, we’re using software on extreme powerful computers, we can do things with audio now we could […]

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Musical LFO [Pulveriser]

The LFO in the Tremor section in Pulveriser has 3 LFO waveforms which can be used for oscillating the pitch of a synth or sampler device. And yes I hear you say “but that’s possible with any LFO device in Reason!”. True but the cool things about those 3 LFO waveforms is that they will […]

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beatles white

A fab compressor [Pulveriser]

Gotta love that tune. Gotta love how that drumsound gets mixed in with a room sound every measure after the guitar riff. Mixed by the hands and ears of engineer Ken Scott. Mixed in real time like a live performance. One of the not so secret ingredients, other than the towels on Ringo’s toms and […]

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Tremor Rhythm Cuts [Pulveriser]

You can modulate the Volume parameter of the Reason Pulveriser using the LFO in the Tremor section. This is a great way for achieving Tremolo effects. But not only in a traditional sense since this LFO can produce many different types of waveforms including the one I’d like to focus on for today’s experiment: square modulation. […]

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