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What’s next? [Pulveriser]

Next month I will be creating a new sound package, a ReFill for Propellerhead Reason users. It will contain at least 200 patches for the Pulveriser device (including patches of the Pulveriser used in a Combinator of course). It’s my tribute to the Pulveriser because I think it’s a super creative device which has many […]

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Back to start [Pulveriser]

Many music people nowadays take the academic route. Some of them are overly concerned imo about the sound quality of a DAW system. They often start comparing DAW software, using spectrum analysers, talking about digital summing and stuff like that.

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pulver fx

DIY Guitar Effects [Pulveriser]

This week when I wrote about the Comb Filter of the PulveriserĀ but I didn’t tell you it can be used for Phasing, Chorus and Flanging effects. It makes the Pulveriser one of the best effect devices in Reason for these types of sounds. I also wrote about using the Tremor for Tremelo or Lesie effects. […]

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Bass Balls [Pulveriser]

Today I want to zoom in on the greatness of the Pulveriser device for bass sounds. Not only has the Pulveriser some funky filters but also its envelope Follower is a great bonus for extra funkiness. For our today’s example I’ve made a fat sounding bass with just a Thor, Pulveriser + Spider Audio.

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comp filter

Comp Filter Player [Pulveriser]

A Comb filter adds a delayed version of the signal to itself with adjustable feedback (controlled by the Peak knob in the Pulveriser). It’s a rather basic form of filtering but the results can be very dramatic. Reason’s Pulveriser has a Filter section which has a wide range for creating these Comb filter effects. Set […]

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Open mic [Pulveriser]

Today week number 3 of the Pulveriser series ends. I guess it’s time for some questions so let’s do an Open Mic. Please leave your comments and let me know: what subjects on the Pulveriser are not yet covered? do you have a special trick you’d like to share? what kind of patches are you […]

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Thumbs up for the virtual band

In the 60’s when you would tell Ringo Star, Charlie Watts, Mitch Mitchell or any of those guys that one day lots of people would prefer to dance to the beats of a drum machine they would laugh at you, right? As we all know this turned out to be reality.

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