DIY Guitar Effects [Pulveriser]

pulver fx

This week when I wrote about the Comb Filter of the Pulveriser but I didn’t tell you it can be used for Phasing, Chorus and Flanging effects. It makes the Pulveriser one of the best effect devices in Reason for these types of sounds. I also wrote about using the Tremor for Tremelo or Lesie effects.

This makes the Pulveriser an excellent choice for building some custom Guitar Effects. We can use the Tremor to Frequency for all sorts of frequency modulation effects and use the Tremor to Volume for Tremelo effects. Combining both plus adding a bit of Squash or Dirt and you’ll start hearing some boutique tones coming straight out of Reason! Sometimes it feels like we’ve added some exotic guitar pedals in our signal chain. I’m wondering what Tchad Blake would say.

Of and last but not least, let’s not forget to mention the Follower. Not only can it dynamically change the Tremor rate speed by using the Follower to Rate parameter, it can also create some funky envelope following filter / auto-wah sounds. Remember that Bass Balls effect pedal of Electro-Harmonix? I’ve made a Pulveriser patch for bringing that sound into Reason. Works great on bass and many other instruments.

As we speak/write I’m creating a ReFill for this Pulveriser series. One which will contain many cool modulation effects. Some of them are optimised for guitar and bass while others can be applied to a wide range of instruments. Including voices that it. That typical sound which was invented by Ken Townsend because John Lennon hated to double track all his vocals. Done by ADT, artificial double-tracking, using a tape delay (see this Wikipedia article).

I’ve created a short demo on which I’m playing 3 guitar parts using my customised semi-acoustic Ibanez AM-50 (both pickups are changed; Seth E. Love + Gibson Classic) and my Fender Voodoo Strat):

  • one using a Dirty Tremelo sound
  • one using a Wide stereo Chorus sound
  • one using a Stereo Flanger sound

This is all done just using Pulverisers, so no extra modulation effects are added. Sounds nice right?


Very nice effects, I am pleasantly surprised ! The comment of John is true…. need a engineer…

Thanks for your page and your demo.

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