Side chain sounds without using a side chain compressor [Pulveriser]

For today’s example of What Can Be Done With The Pulveriser I’m using the Pulveriser as an effect to create those typical pumping sounds you get when using a side chain compressor. I’m not using a side chain compressor though for this demo, it’s just the Pulveriser added as an effect device for Dr.OctoRex playing a bunch of bass lines. The Pulveriser is creating that pumping effect dynamically on every beat of the bar, 4 on the floor. Easier to set up than a side chain compressor.

You can build your own side chain compressor with the Pulveriser. I probably will include a couple of these kind of patches in my Pulveriser ReFill.

The first two bars of my demo track are without the effect and then two bars with effect and this keeps on going for the rest of the demo track, so you can really hear the effect kicking in every time. I’m also using some dynamic filter modulation now and then during the track. Have a listen:

I’m sending the Reason song file and the Combinator patch in the Newsletter coming weekend so you can check out for yourself how it’s done.

(photo under Creative Commons BY: Gerardo Lazzari)

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