Open mic [Pulveriser]

photo: Robert Bejil Photography / Creative Commons BY

Today week number 3 of the Pulveriser series ends. I guess it’s time for some questions so let’s do an Open Mic. Please leave your comments and let me know:

  • what subjects on the Pulveriser are not yet covered?
  • do you have a special trick you’d like to share?
  • what kind of patches are you interested in?

You can also contact me privately, see the Contact page.

Remember: Iā€™m sending some examples and files in the Newsletter coming weekend.


I think that you covered most of the pulveriser trick.
The only think that you forgot is the simplest use of pulveriser as bass synth and as filter with ADSR for that synth.

You made a great sets of articles.
Theoretically instead of writing a blog you could write a book in that way.
And this is what I’m interested in. RE-Books. šŸ˜›

I like to share a special trick: Resonance Feedback.

A trick to use the filters resonance as a feedback loop:

1. Create a subtractor.
2. Create a Pulveriser.
3. Lower the Volume of the Pulveriser to 33%.
4. Set the Frequency in the filter section at twelve o clock (486 Hz), Low pass 24.
5. Cranck the Peak or resonance way up to 100%.

Et voila, feedback.

6. The fun starts when you set the Tremor to Frequncy at 100%, (instant Packman) and choose one of the Tremor Waveforms. My favourite is the Random waveform.
7. Changing the Rate and / or the Frequency results in a lot of different sounds.

Great work Marco. Feels good to finally get to grips with this little beast. For some reason looking at my monitors as a Dual Mono system made me laugh! Thanks.

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