Tremor Rudiments Trigger [Pulveriser]

Clicks, ticks & statics

The static noises of vinyl records sometimes adds something rather unique to music in my opinion. Those tiny rhythmic offsets are pleasant for the ears and makes the music sound less even, less boring. For years and years I’m creating these kinds of noises with the synths in Reason. The SubTractor for example. Or the Malström. These synths are so simple to use and so flexible and full of character.

Using Pulveriser for static noises

With the Trig button of Pulveriser you can trigger/gate the Follower. The Attack and Release parameters will determine how the effect will sound like. You can set the Attack to a low value so it sets in slowly. In this case you need to push the Trig button for a while to hear the effect set in slowly. When you release the Trig button the Follower will respond to the Release parameter. Set the Release to a high level and the effect will slow down slowly after you’ve released the Trig button.

You can use the Trig button to fire off certain effects using the above method. One of those effects can be to trigger rudiments using a synth or sampler.

Controlling the Gate

To create rhythms with the Pulveriser you only need to connect the Modulation Output of Tremor on the back of Pulveriser to the Gate CV input on a synth or sampler. Set the Rate of the Tremor to anything you’d like using the Square waveform. You can use other waveforms but the Square works best since it’s a beat/silence kind of pulse. Maybe Sync it to tempo.

Now when you change the Follower to Rate parameter to something like + 10% every time you fire off the Trig button the Rate will go up faster. Or put it to a negative value to make the beats go slower every time you “play” that Trig button.

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