Dynamic Compression [Pulveriser]


Today I want to share a simply but super effective usage of the Pulveriser, one that will change the compression amount dynamically.

Compressing the peaks

Add the Pulveriser to your rack. Let’s try using it in the Master section this time, as a Mastering effect. Now hit the Tab-key for connecting the back of the device and connect the Modulation Output of the Follower to the CV Modulation Input of Squash. This way the Follower will make the Squash add a certain amount of compression when the input signal is opening the Follower’s gate. You can set the speed for the Gate to be opened (Attack value) and the Release value of the effect.

You might even put the Squash down to 0. This way the Compressor will only do its thing (compress) when the signal hits a certain level.

It’s a very cool effect. Try it yourself! Experiment with it. Try everything šŸ˜€

Ducking the Compressor

Instead of adding more compression on peaks we can also do the reverse: make the peaks push the compression amount down. But how can we do this? There are no parameters on both the front and back panel which can send negative values to the Squash. Solution: use a standard Spider CV device. This device can split a CV value and reverse it (look for the Split output with the grey square and the ‘Inv’ text next to it). Perfect for my little experiment!

Listen to a short demo I’ve made. Me playing guitar, bass guitar, synth (it’s my old DX100 using a marimba and pad patch) combined with a Bomb Squad drumloop from the Factory SoundBank. I’m using the Pulveriser in the Master section and use a fairly amount of compression. When the Follower hits a certain level the Squash amount will be decreased. The first two bars are without this compressor, so you can hear the effect kick in.

Remember: Iā€™m sending some examples and files in the Newsletter coming weekend.

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