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The ultimate tool does not exist

Recently some podcasters asked me for advice on a good compressor. Many of them are using tools like Audacity or Audition and are looking for external plugins. I am a fan of Klanghelm plugins, so I recommended the MJUC jr. It’s the little FREE brother of the MJUC.

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Digital guitar processing: tone control

I will always record with the volume control(s) and tone control(s) fully open. This way I can capture the unaffected tone of my guitar(s). But I can still lower the treble of the sound using a simple EQ in my DAW in the same way as a tone control on the guitar would.

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Dynamic Compression [Pulveriser]

Today I want to share a simply but super effective usage of the Pulveriser, one that will change the compression amount dynamically. Compressing the peaks Add the Pulveriser to your rack. Let’s try using it in the Master section this time, as a Mastering effect. Now hit the Tab-key for connecting the back of the […]

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