Amplitude Modulation [Pulveriser]

Let’s have a look at the back of the Pulveriser in Reason:


Yesterday I wrote a blogpost on Frequency Modulation so for today I want to focus on the other modulation option: Amplitude Modulation.

Amplitude Modulation is easy to explain: volume modulation. One signal is forcing the other signal to respond dynamically in volume/amplitude. With the Pulveriser it’s very easy to use this modulation type in Reason:

  • use the Pulveriser as an insert effect (you can totally bypass everything, including the filter)
  • connect a modulator sound source (can be anything: a synth, a sampler, or route an audio track into it) to the Volume of the Audio Modulation Input

The Pulveriser will now function as an Amplitude Modulation device for modulating the input signal. You can use it on any type of sound. Use it on vocals and you can totally change the sound of it. For today’s experiment I have decided to use a Dr. Octo Rex drumloop and modulate the amplitude using a SubTractor.

music by Marco Raaphorst

You’ll notice that although the drumsound is totally changing and responding to the filters and modulation parameters of the SubTractor (which I’m changing during the track), the drumsound keeps sounding punchy. Therefore we can’t compare Amplitude Modulation to a compressor or filter. It’s a totally different sound. And probably one of the best kept secrets of the Pulveriser…

This was week 2 of the Pulveriser series. Hopefully I’ve given you a few cool ideas on how to use the Pulveriser. I will take a short break this weekend but will keep an eye on of course. And please don’t forget to signup for my Newsletter as I am sending some Reason song examples and additional patches this weekend!

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