(photo under CC BY-NC-ND: Jochen Wolters)

Interview for Radio 6 about the 808 documentary [audio]

Yesterday the upcoming 808 documentary was announced. Produced by Arthur Baker featuring contributions by Afrika Bambaataa, Pharell, Questlove, Phil Collins, Rick Rubin, New Order, Fatboy Slim and many more. Because I’ve made a documentary about Marvin Gaye and Sexual Healing in which the TR-808 plays an important role, I was interviewed on Radio 6 about […]

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Newsletter subscription page fixed!

Thanks to an observant reader I found out that there was something wrong with on Newsletter subscription page which needed to be fix. Well, that is fixed now. Please go ahead and subscribe to my newsletter! For those who have already subscribed there’s no need to do anything.

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Oh my tubeness! Amp in Reason 8 sounds amazing!

When Propellerhead announced Amp in Reason 8, manufactured by Softube, I was afraid that they would use the same models as those included with Ableton Live. These models are the worst sounding guitar amps in my opinion. When I was invited to beta test the new Amp as well as the Bass Amp, a few months ago, my doubt was confirmed: […]

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Which is better: u-he Bazille or Reason’s Thor synth?

u-he has introduced Bazille this week. It’s a digital modular software synthesizer. I was not looking for another synthesizer, I already own too many instruments to choose from, but the positive raves changed my mind. Before I knew it I was downloading the demo version. Peter Kirn of CreateDigitalMusic: This is a total monster, the […]

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The puzzle

A documentary is like a letter left for me to be discovered. A letter that comes in bits and pieces, like a puzzle. Maybe the person who send me this letter has died many years ago. Maybe the letter was undisclosed. I’m creating this message to the world, this story, a letter sent to anyone […]

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