All Digital Parametric EQ’s are the same

You might be sitting there thinking (hey my Waves, URS, Vox, blah blah sound completely different). With some emulation plugins you have EQ+X. X can = Saturation, bandwidth limits, softclips, offset numerical values, & so on. Separate the X variable what do you have? The EQ algorithm. … If you find yourself asking the question […]

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Safe/save format: FLAC or ALAC?

Back in the day on PC I saved all my audio to the FLAC format. A great format since it offers the best sound and uses an Open Source license, so it’s a safe format for archiving. Years ago I moved to Apple OSX. Unfortunately iTunes doesn’t support FLAC so I gave up using FLAC most of the time.

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The new player of SoundCloud is a real beauty!

The slim player now shows the waveform as an arrangement of vertical lines instead of the old large black bubble. Love it! Check this: And what about the new large player which is superb if your album/cover art (great for audio & visual storytellers too!) is tasty: Did you notice that you can now start […]

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