My sound design and audio post-production for De zwembadclub

For De Zwembadclub, the new podcast by Annegriet Wietsma,  I provided the sound design and did the audio post-production. Annegriet is known for the podcast De Deventer Mediazaak (over 1.3 million listeners in the first 4 months and winner of two Dutch podcast awards).

For De zwembadclub (in English: the swimming club) I fine-tuned the editing done by Jelle Redeker. So I am responsible for EQ-ing, compressing, fine-tuning all the transitions in the dialogues, adding the music by Truusje Melissen, creating all sorts of sound effects and designing the overall sound and feel of the podcast.

All of Annegriet’s voice-overs were also recorded in my studio.

De zwembadclub is a search for the truth about a hidden past. It is a narrative podcast in seven parts.

De zwembadclub had 169,000 plays in the first two weeks after its release and has high ratings on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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