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rob captijn

Recording a voice over in Reason

I’m working on a Dutch documentary doing music, sound design and post-production. The doc needed a few short voice over parts which I recorded yesterday. The voice was delivered by the well experienced Rob Captijn. I recorded him in my home studio.

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EditorsKeys keyboard

Dedicated EditorsKeys keyboard for Reason

Since a couple of weeks I’m using the brand new dedicated EditorsKeys keyboard for Reason. It’s a great addition for anyone using Reason. The keyboard has a professional studio look and will improve the work flow on operating Reason. Instead of clicking through the Reason menus and toolbars it visualises all Key Commands which you […]

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Happy that Pharrell Williams is in tune

I often hate the Autotune effect. Because it is used in such an unoriginal way most of the time. Pharrell Williams though, he just loves the Autotune. Hell he’s even responsible for Propellerhead choosing the name Neptune for their pitch-correction device in Reason. For those who are now left wondering: Neptunes is the moniker under […]

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Kill the noise: use an Expander

In general my little helper for solving noise issues is the Expander. And I love using Reason’s build in Expander for that. An Expander works like a “reversed” compressor: instead of limiting the peaks, an Expander will push back the softer sounds and therefore the dynamic range will be expanded. And because of that the […]

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Serious clip length issue in Reason 7

There is a serious flaw in Reason 7 which needs to be fixed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE in my opinion because it’s super annoying and makes Reason less usable as a tool for editing audio, remixing etc. The solution is rather simple, so I do hope the Props will address this issue as soon as […]

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Tremor Rhythm Cuts [Pulveriser]

You can modulate the Volume parameter of the Reason Pulveriser using the LFO in the Tremor section. This is a great way for achieving Tremolo effects. But not only in a traditional sense since this LFO can produce many different types of waveforms including the one I’d like to focus on for today’s experiment: square modulation. […]

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Todd Rundgren talks about using Reason live

If you’re a songwriter I guess you will fall in love with the music of Todd Rundgren at some point. At least, I did. I have heard Todd play live several times. Last time was a month ago in Amsterdam at the Paradiso. He used a large touchscreen running Windows with Reason on it. Even […]

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