Reason rack close up: Selig Gain [RE]

A couple of days ago I added the brand new Selig Gain RE to my Reason rack and I’m very happy since. It adds very precise gain and pan controls + some nifty CV additions to the Reason rack. Let’s have a closer look…



A couple of days ago I added the brand new Selig Gain RE to my Reason rack and I’m very happy since. It adds a lot of super useful features, for example:

  • a Peak Hold meter showing in numbers (with 1 dB precision)
  • a very precise Trim Gain (with 0.1 dB precision)
  • independent pan knobs for left and right channels and lots of different Pan laws
  • Mono Check button

And there’s this super handy Fade button which creates a smooth sounding fade out (as slow as a maximum of 60 seconds) when you don’t have a good ending for your song.



The CV connectors on this rack-device are interesting, for example:

  • when the Fader Gain is set to Trim its CV-ouput will be bipolar! (really welcome feature since none of the standard Reason devices is able to generate a bipolar CV-output in a simple way, see this post)
  • the CV outputs of the Pan controls will generate values according to the choosen Pan law, great for creating all sorts of non-lineair parameter movements

And there’s a nifty feature where the level of a CV signal can be changed using the Fader by connecting a CV signal to the Main Inputs CV and connecting the Main Outputs CV back to the preferred device. And yes, you can even use the Mute button to create a fade out for a CV signal. Sure, you create these things with Thor as well but it’s very inconvenient to add such a large device like the Thor to your rack only for changing a CV signal.

Selig is the nickname of Giles Reaves who is a true music technology expert and an avid Reason user for years. Under the moniker Selig Audio he designs his own Rack Extension in collaboration with the Rack Extension developers Pitchblende from New Zealand. Selig Gain is a must have Rack Extension in my opinion which I have added to the Default Song Template. As with all Rack Extensions you can try it out for free, just follow this link of the Props’ webshop.


Thanks for the review, although I feel compelled to point out that Pitchblende are based in New Zealand, not Australia! 🙂

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