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Mastering Kuifje

For Medina Factory I have mastered two Kuifje (Moulinsart) musictracks: ‘De Zon’ en ‘Kuifje en Bobbie’. These two tracks can soon be heard on Belgium radio. The whole mastering was done online, me providing a FTP-server for upload. Cost effective and fast. Unfortunately I can’t share those files online. So sorry, I can’t let you […]

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Cuckoo reused in Stray Cinema film

My track Cuckoo with the lovely vocals of Lisa DeBenedictis is reused in the open source film Stray Cinema: http://straycinema.com/watch/cuckoo/ (take note of the credits of filmmaker Andy) Another fine example that thanks to the Internet, remixing is as alive as it used to be in the early days of hiphop. Reason? Because a less […]

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marcoraaphorst.nl: best Music Weblog!!!

Last night my Dutch personal blog www.marcoraaphorst.nl was chosen as best Music Weblog of the Netherlands. Hola! As I have written before, the public has chosen my blog so it got nominated as a top10-blog, but now the professional jury has chosen my blog to be the best. The phone started ringing earlier today, music […]

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Cuckoo was on the radio (VPRO’s Cantina)

My song Cuckoo (published under a Creative Commons license) was on public radio in the Netherlands today. VPRO’s Cantina played it. Creative Commons will fill the gap ASCAP, the RIAA etc. are creating for us! How sweet 🙂 Check it out (all in Dutch): If you’re Dutch, make sure you tune-in this Thurday @ Concertzender’s […]

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VPRO Gids nr9, 2007

VPRO (Dutch public radio, tv and internet – non-profit) will promote ‘open content’, Creative Commons music in their radio-show Wissel. This all started when the BUMA (the Dutch ASCAP) published their charges on licensing music for podcasting. These costs are way too high for personal podcasters (over 85 EURO each month!). I blogged/complained about it. That […]

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Thanks astroid!

well, maybe on topic…. raaphorst makes great sounding stuff from reason. i think he uses *only* reason for some of it. and he also works for the propheads, iirc. i mean, really really good sounding stuff. i was suprised. reason has proven to be quite great for idm, too, stuff where there’s not so high […]

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My Dutch blog is nominated for the top10!

The Dutch Bloggies, a contest organized in The Netherlands for the best Dutch weblogs, nominates my Dutch blog melodiefabriek.nl at a 10th place in the ‘Beste muziekweblog’ category! We have a lot of bands in the Netherlands, many cool websites who write about music. My weblog melodiefabriek.nl is just a personal affair, so this news […]

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No mixer needed: USB mics

I love USB. The Line6 Guitarport for example gives me joy: I simply connect it to my laptop, plug a guitar in and I can start playing and recording. Lately also some microphones are using USB interfaces which is extremely cool: no need to use a mixer, a compressor and phantom-power. The Røde Podcaster mic […]

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Creative Commons Netherlands release their first CD+DVD

Today Creative Commons Netherlands has released their first CD+DVD. My song Cuckoo (with vocals of Lisa DeBenedictis) is included on the CD and the videoclip created by Irene Kress (see also: Cirocco) is included on the DVD. I also did the mastering of all 13 songs. These songs and video’s are available as downloads at […]

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