My Dutch blog is nominated for the top10!

Dutch Bloggies 2007

The Dutch Bloggies, a contest organized in The Netherlands for the best Dutch weblogs, nominates my Dutch blog at a 10th place in the ‘Beste muziekweblog’ category!

We have a lot of bands in the Netherlands, many cool websites who write about music. My weblog is just a personal affair, so this news really amazes me!

Guess what? I am very happy 🙂


🙂 thanks!

Yes, it’s hard for me to explain everything which is going on here in English. There are many super interesting things going on here. The ‘global highlights’ I will publish on Melodiefabriek as well. But in general is more personal and Melodiefabriek is mostly related to my work.

Marco, did you use a special software to ask that “first letter in Melodie” question? We need to put something like that on at NSI to deal with spam.

I really would like to read your Dutch blog too but I don’t understand it.
In any case congratulations to the nomination!!!!!
These are the nice highlights in daily life, aren’t they? 😉

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