Me and Creative Commons music on the radio (VPRO’s Wissel)


Last night a long interview with me could be heard at VPRO’s Wissel on national radio. Aad van Nieuwkerk did a one hour radio-program all about Creative Commons music. This is probably the first serious step for the Publieke Omroep (Dutch’ national radio, tv and internet) to push Creative Commons on public radio. The interview is in Dutch but there’s lots of music to listen to, so I guess you won’t feel lost 🙂

They played Cuckoo and Sleepy Snakes. That last track I did with co-founder of DiSfish, Cezary Ostrowski a couple of years ago. A niche-song 🙂

Here’s an mp3-file of the first 18 minutes of yesterday’s radio-show:

A stream of yesterday’s radio-show is also available. And also check out the blog of Wissel at Radio 6.

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