Melodiefabriek is 4 years old

Melodiefabriek 4 jaar!

4 years of open business and counting… 🙂


Congratulations are definitely going for the hardest working man in show business title that was so recently vacated. I think you already have least the nl. division..seriously though, you are proof about how CC and free source can work to make a company rock. Here’s to the next 10 years my friend.

Gosh, 4 years? I thought it was yesterday… bloody time! 😉

Whatever: congratulations, and I wish you another 10×4 years! 🙂

Hey Marco. Good news! We did some quick research and there appear to be ALSA drivers for both of your cards.

Echo Indigo

RME Hammerfall

The Line6 is a litte tricker but this will get you on the right path

Worse case scenario you have to use the Line6 ike a stompbox. Thanks for reading!

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