My sounds for Propellerhead Thor synth on iPad


Propellerhead has released:

a playable iPad version of Reason’s massive Thor synthesizer, with all of its features

Including my patches for Thor commissioned by Propellerhead Software. For example this patch of mine called Spaced Out which Propellerhead uses as a Thor showcase sound:

There’s a lot more info on the Thor page at the Props’ website. And as always the devil is in the details. Check out the video on that page and have a look at the last shot:
thor still image

In the left corner at the bottom it says: Powered by Reason. So Thor on the iPad is powered by Reason. Any idea what that means? 😀


Due to your advice, I have updated to 7, and am currently lost in the 1050 page manual..but happily so. Congrats on the Thor always have the best patches for their synths.

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