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Reason Thor as a noise generator

There are several plugins on the market for generating noise. For all kinds of noises: static, white, brown, you name it. But if you are a Propellerhead Reason user you don’t need these plugins ’cause Thor can generate any type of noise you’ve ever dreamed of. And it’s super easy!  Just make sure that: you put one […]

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Da Da Da

As a sound designer I explore interesting sounds. I study them and try to reconstruct them. In this post I examine the rhythm sound of an old Casio VL-1 and reproduce it in Propellerhead Reason software.

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comp filter

Comp Filter Player [Pulveriser]

A Comb filter adds a delayed version of the signal to itself with adjustable feedback (controlled by the Peak knob in the Pulveriser). It’s a rather basic form of filtering but the results can be very dramatic. Reason’s Pulveriser has a Filter section which has a wide range for creating these Comb filter effects. Set […]

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My sounds for Propellerhead Thor synth on iPad

Propellerhead has released: a playable iPad version of Reason’s massive Thor synthesizer, with all of its features Including my patches for Thor commissioned by Propellerhead Software. For example this patch of mine called Spaced Out which Propellerhead uses as a Thor showcase sound: There’s a lot more info on the Thor page at the Props’ […]

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