BUY now: Combi Manifesto 1 (2014 edition)

22 extremely dedicated programmed Combinator patches containing Subtractor and Malström devices + FX

Combi Manifesto 1 is a set of 22 carefully programmed Combinator patches that shows you the power of these soon to be called classic synths: the Subtractor and Malström devices of Propellerhead Reason.

It was released in 2005. Over the years I haven’t changed anything about them. So the included patches in the 2014 release are 100% original. When you buy this you’ll get a zip containing those 22 Combinator patches, 22 Backdrops (so you can apply them to your Combinator patches as well), a manual (PDF) and a readme.txt

Check the player below for the demosong (using nothing but the Combi Manifesto 1 patches) and 22 short tracks of all patches:

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