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The clipped bits

I am sorry to say, but Scritti Politti’s Anomie & Bonomie from 1999 (!) was my first encounter with clipped bits, a CD which was mastered way too loud. A digital clip on every bassdrum hit, but even worse: total clipping during some passages. (more…)

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Arif Mardin RIP

Arif Mardin died this Sunday at the age of 74. He was a legendary producer. I love the work he did for Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan and (indeed) also Scritti Politti. link Update: For bibbly-o-tek I wrote an extended version.

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2 years and counting

There are still bands around who would like to spend over 2 years in the studio. Why is that? Is that because the record company thinks it should be done perfectly? Is it because you feel insecure? Sure, if you only release an album once in a while it should be done as good as […]

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Building on the past

Today my newsreader showed me a couple of remixes based on my track combis43 which I recorded during my ‘patching for Reason3’ project for Propellerhead Software. combis43 contains the following patches which were programmed by me for the Factory Sound Bank for Reason 3: HeyHerbie! – Subtractor patch One Finger Herbie – Combi based around […]

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Cuckoo on Dutch CC DVD

I am very glad that my work Cuckoo which is based on a remix of Cuckoo by Lisa DeBenedictis is selected for the Creative Commons Nederland DVD (link, Dutch text)! The cool thing is that video-artists will create new content based on that track, as well as the other tracks which has been selected by […]

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Creative Commons for filmmakers

I am a member of the D-Word community for documentary-makers. A special forum about all sorts of copyright issue always has my attention mainly because all the issues with Fair Use for documentairies are easily solved when using Creative Commons licenses for these works. Things are changing right now, not as fast as I would […]

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MySpace goodness!

Sometimes something wicked happens. Today was the day. My number one bassplayer, Meshell Ndegeocello, had send me a friends’ request. And no, not because I had send one to her first. How come? I don’t have a clue. Maybe because of the Scritti connection? Anyways, do check out Meshell’s seriously funked up music. Deep black […]

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Check this. Will the future of making music be web-based in the near future? I think so. Simple tools with API’s which you can combine all together. Same as what’s happening right now with Flickr-apps, Google Maps and several online video editing systems… it will just be a matter of time I guess.

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Just in case you’re wondering what goes on with right now, we can tell you: we’re working on solving those problems. It’s probably cause by some DNS issue. Sorry for the inconvenience! All issues are solved now, is alive and kicking again 🙂

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Bobby Caldwell

Yesterday evening I was havin’ a great Lebanese meal. It was hot in ‘De Pijp’; a small, very lovely, neighbourhood in Amsterdam. Sudenly I heard a song I remembered from some long time ago. I couldn’t remember the artist. But the owner of the restaurant looked it up for me: Bobby Caldwell. Bobby Caldwell’s song […]

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Hear me talk at Black Sweater, White Cat

Tonight there will be an interview with me on the Black Sweater, White Cat radio show (9 til 11). The live-stream of the event will be: I am looking forward to have a talk about Creative Commons in general and to listen to some eclectic music. The only issue is I need to stay […]

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