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Reason news, how could I miss it?

Fred did an interview with artist Luke Vibert. Some interesting ideas and some mighty fine music. James has made a short video about Reason for beginners. How could I miss that news? I must have been playing the pianos a bit too much lately I guess …

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Simple mastering tip: leave some headroom

When a track is mastered at 0db, the maximum level for digital audio files, many converters and mp3-encoders are prone to clip (digital, terrible, distortion). Even for CD, mastering engineers leave at least -2db for headroom. Many CD-players and professional soundcards will sound distorted when a few bits are mastered at 0db. But things get […]

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iTunes Royalties

4.5 cents doesn’t sound much to me. I’d rather have my own website with a few AdSense ads and people clicking on them. Any ways, read this and make sure you check out the comments too!

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New track: More Cowbell

More Cowbell genre: world electronica file: mp3 – 2,68 Mb Here’s my track which I have composed for Dutch VPRO (zie more). I was using many samples from the VPRO ‘3voor12 plundert musea’. The music is licensed under a Creative Commons by-nc licence, the image is licensed under the Creative Commons by-nc-sa licentie. Photo was […]

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