Building on the past

Today my newsreader showed me a couple of remixes based on my track combis43 which I recorded during my ‘patching for Reason3’ project for Propellerhead Software.

combis43 contains the following patches which were programmed by me for the Factory Sound Bank for Reason 3:

  • HeyHerbie! – Subtractor patch
  • One Finger Herbie – Combi based around stacked several Subtractors
  • UprightHarmonics – Acoustic Stand up bass patch for NNXT

One of the remixes, ‘Sumarezinho Underground’ created by TRZ.exp is a very creative version. I love the way the chords of my combis43 are used in the main part of the song plus using the Upright bass part in such an unique way. A fine example of remixing. Thanks to ccMixter. In my opining we’re still at the beginning of a new musical revolution. The power of remixing combined with flexible Creative Commons licensing!

RIAA: eat your heart out! We are the new generation! We don’t need DRM. We want to build on the past. We don’t need protection. We want our music to be heard. Not only on iTunes, or Windows Media Player. Open music which can be played on any device. Apple and Microsoft are you listening? I tell you: we are doing better than you! We’re not selfish, but you are! We don’t put restrictions in our files because we have respect for our fans, the listeners. The music industry as we know it is changing and I love it. Power to the people with an open mentality. We are the future!

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At the very least, we are seeing the creation of a subculture that will never see music, film or the arts in general in the same rarified, class-ist way again.

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