MySpace goodness!

Sometimes something wicked happens. Today was the day. My number one bassplayer, Meshell Ndegeocello, had send me a friends’ request. And no, not because I had send one to her first. How come? I don’t have a clue. Maybe because of the Scritti connection?

Anyways, do check out Meshell’s seriously funked up music. Deep black booty shake!

Update: There’s so much great Meshell content available at MySpace. Check out those videos for example! Holla!


I had a similar experience when Sophie B. Hawkins, someone whose work I’ve loved for years, asked me to “friend”. Then I had to wonder–was she aware of it at all? Was it just a marketing thing? I don’t know. I won’t think so positively about it unless she leaves me a comment :).

You have a built-in star power, because of your Reason work. Who knows? Anyone could know who you are, and use your refills!

Maybe they simply have scanned my ‘Influences’. Or indeed the Reason connection which is great. Even with Green (Scritti Politti) there’s small conntection because of Reason.

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