FREE patch download: MPC 8 Swing for Reason

MPC 8 Swing is an essential patch that should have been included in Propellerhead Reason but which was not. So I created it.

You can use the Groove Patch in Reason’s Groove Mixer. It will make straight eighth notes (8 notes per bar) swing. You can control the amount of swing very precisely in a super easy way. The included manual explains it all.

Included in the ZIP are:

  • .grov Reason patch
  • manual (PDF)

Why you need that patch?

The Shuffle mode in Reason, which can be found in the Reason Groove Mixer, on the Redrum and the Matrix, will only shuffle sixteenth notes (16 notes per bar), but not eighth notes.

For example when you set the resolution of the Redrum at 1/8 and activate the shuffle mode it will not shuffle (swing). Which is a strange decision because even the first device that offered a shuffle/swing mode, the old Linn LM-1 drum computer Prince and many other artists loved, was capable of making eighth notes swing!

No eighth notes swing Groove Patch is included in the Factory Sounds ReFill either.

So that’s why you need my patch 😀

This is a Donate Later product. Download for free and if you like it: donate!

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