FREE patch download: Linn LM-1 like lively sounding hihats in Reason

With Reason’s Grain device you can create the same sort of lively sounding hihats as on the old Linn LM-1 drummachine. Here are three loops I created with the patch I have designed from this special trick using 3 different open hihats samples (the examples are 128 kbps mp3 files, they alter the sound a little bit too much, sorry for that):


How it works

Firstly download the patch I’ve created for free in Reason 11 (please consider a donation afterwards):

Grain lively hihats template (3.2 KiB, 1,063 hits)

This is a Donate Later product. Download for free and if you like it: donate!

The patch looks like this:

When dragging a sample into the Grain template make sure you’re using an open hihat sample (like the Linn LM-1 is using).

In the Sample Overview section make sure that you set the Sample range markers so that the waveform is showing a constant volume level.

The patch will randomise the start position of the sample, so every time you trigger the sample it will sound slightly different.

With the Pitch Jitter parameter the sample randomly gets re-pitched. If you don’t want that change Pitch Jitter to 0.

You can use the Modwheel to open the hihat sound like a real hihat. This creates many nuances.

Additionally you can activated the Oscillator for an additional hihat sound which you blend with the sample.

For more information on the Linn LM-1 lively sounding hihats, see my post The Lively Drum Modules of Reason’s Kong.

Hope you like my patch! Let me know! And have fun experimenting with it 🙂

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