90 fantastic patches were deleted from Reason 9!

I just found out that not only did Propellerhead delete the Line 6 devices from Reason 9, they also deleted 2 folders of lovely effect patches. 90 patches in total! WTF!

I just found out that not only did Propellerhead delete the Line 6 devices from Reason 9 (sure we all knew about this, right?), they also deleted 2 folders of lovely effect patches. Most of these patches, Combinators patches, make use of a Line 6 device, but not all of them are depending on it. What a strange decision to delete these 90 patches which are great for guitar players!!!


I don’t get it!

  1. Why were these patches deleted?
  2. Why didn’t they swap the Line 6 devices for the Softube alternative and re-save the patches?
  3. All Line 6 patches could be also be swapped for a Softube alternative. There’s a sound difference between Line 6 and Softube but it is very much doable to make them sound almost identical.



And these 4 Combinators don’t even include a Line 6 device:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.19.54

I am fixing these old R8 patches by using the Softube alternative. Many of the Combinators are really unique. Unfortunately I can’t share them with you because those patches were not designed by me.

Why the Line 6 devices were deleted, no one except the Props know the reason(!) why. R9 has less to offer than R8 for guitar players… WTF!

P.S. You can install R8 and R9 both on one system. It’s not convenient (R9 songs cannot be opened in R8 and stuff like that) but it might be cool to find some of these old patches and fix them yourself so you can use them in R9. And btw there are many more patches deleted. Like for example the Wackawonk.cmb a patch using a Subtractor and Line 6 device. Any Combinator with a Line 6 device was deleted from Reason. Oh well…


Combinator devices are backwards compatible. Cool thing about Reason. You can make a patch with all sorts of Reason devices and open it in Reason 6.5 for example. My ReFills, Boutique Amp and Rockmen can be used in R 6.5 or newer versions.

The way around this:

Install 9 in its own folder.

Leave 8 in its own folder. You must not allow any overlap between the file locations of the two — actually zero overlap between any versions. Each version gets its own folder.

VERY IMPORTANT: You must keep your songs created in 9 in a folder separate from songs created in 8, ESPECIALLY if you have used Line6 products in any of the songs created in 8.

You must not open a song created in Reason 8 from within Reason 9’s interface. It will ask you if you want to convert it to Reason 9, and there is NO GOING BACK. At all. So you copy the song from the 8 song folder to the 9 song folder, and then open *that* one in version 9.

This will let you keep your old stuff created with Line 6 in versions 8 and below.

The *only* workaround to keeping the original track created in 8 with Line6 devices is, you have to export that file as audio — not MIDI — and add it back into 9 as a sample.

This sucks, but that’s the only workaround.

Once again, and this is critically important, you must have a backup copy of the song you created in version 8, because if you open that song file in version 9 and convert it, you have permanently lost the version 8 song, and you have permanently lost the Line6 amps.

Also, you still own the license to version 8 — you also own the upgrade license to 9. You can redownload 8. Just remember to re-download it to its separate folder.

Also, always keep your work backed up somewhere, but you know that anyways.

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