4 the love of randomness

Chasing the dark clouds
CC BY photo: Abhijit Kar Gupta

Yesterday I made a track which is kinda classical. Orkestral percussion. Very dark.

Actually I made two tracks yesterday. As usual I was experimenting and suddenly I found myself fooling around with a small line of text which I’d captured from a previous recording.

For both tracks I used two different Rack Extensions of the SoundLove brand: Neutron on Born in Schevening and BZR-1 Chaotic Signal Generator on Chasing the dark clouds. Both make good use of predictable randomness: chaos. Neutron does that by splitting a short audio buffer into small segments and the BZR-1 does it by generating wildly dynamic CV values which can be used for modulation (triggering notes, modulating filters, etc).

Neutron RE

These tools are great for sound designers. It’s super easy to make some filmisch epic sound effects with these. Or use them on rather subtle stuff.

Bzr-1 RE

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