Power Tools for Reason 3 website

powertoolreason3Check out Peff’s Power Tools for Reason 3.0 website. You can listen to my tune Grrrroove and read about ReasonBanks.

Just in case you missed this post; Andras and I have created a special SynthFactory Refill for the book. So this book must be great, right? 😉

Available at Amazon!


I’m still trying to get this book in the UK (I live in London). is it available yet? When i last looked it seemed to be published in the US but not England…

[…] Grrrroove V3 heb ik ooit geschreven in opdracht van auteur Kurt Kurasaki voor de CD-rom die bij zijn boek ‘Power Tools for Reason 3′ wordt geleverd. Het nummer is ook gelicentieerd door de Canadese zender CBC voor het programma ZED-tv. […]

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