My Tape Sync for BBC/PRI

A job for the BBC/RPI was a good reason to jump out of bed.

The cover photo tells a story. Made yesterday in the Marriott hotel here in The Hague. Showtime!

When I woke up yesterday morning it turned out that I had received an e-mail from a BBC reporter who works for The World of Public Radio International (PRI). She asked if I could record a Tape Sync and that it was urgent.

A job for the BBC/RPI was a good reason to jump out of bed.

So in the afternoon in the Marriott hotel I recorded the answers of the Minister of Justice of the Gambia, Abubacarr Tambadou while on the other side of the ocean Marco Werman of the PRI asked the questions.

Abubacarr spoke about the issue that, according to him, in Myanmar the army is committing genocide against a Muslim minority and that the International Court of Justice should intervene. According to him, the issue is similar to that of Rwanda in 1994, where the international community also looked away. This resulted in some 800,000 deaths.

The audio interview with Abubacarr Tambadou can be listened to online on PRI: ‘Gambian minister brought Myanmar to The Hague ‘in the name of humanity’

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