Weekend Edition (week 37)

This blogpost is the start of  the Weekend Edition: a list of good longreads, videos and podcasts for the weekend. Killing time!

This blogpost is the start of  the Weekend Edition: a list of cool stuff to read, watch or listen to this weekend. Killing time!

  • Musicians Are Wired to Steal Each Other’s Work – The Atlantic. This article is a bit on shaky ground when it digs into chord structures since it can’t be copyrighted. We are all using the same chords and progressions. Either in blues, jazz, classical, folk or pop music. So for further reading I recommend: ‘Can You Use Someone Else’s Chord Progression?‘ And maybe you ask yourself “what about rhythm?” Can’t be copyrighted either (except for sampling of course which is all about music publishing rights).
  • Sit back and watch how these guys decide on ‘Kemper Amp (digital simulation) versus hot voltage valves amps’. It’s a CLASSIC!

  • Music in modern marvel movies is often unneeded or simply the wrong kind of music. I hate it when producers and composers use temp music for composing something “new”. That is not creative at all! Anyone doing scores (or underscores) should watch these 13 minutes and 34 seconds of spot on examples:

  • I love the remix DAGGER DX did for this old Rick Astley song. Cool modern vocal effects. Super nice chord progression with a counter melody line using DX bell-like sound. And I love the pitched 808-bassdrum. Listen:


Now shut down your computer, put your phone on mute and enjoy your weekend!

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