The word is love

It feels strange to see and hear one of your all time heros perform live on stage.

DoubleG @ Luminaire

I was there. I was at that second gig of Scritti Politti under the Double G and the Traitorous 3 moniker at the Luminaire in London on the 5th of february 2006!

In one word, it was: UNBELIEVABLE!

Green’s voice sounded superb and every visitor at the gig was totally impressed by his performance. He was sweating and a little anxious. But he did it. Green did his second live gig in 26 years and he impressed all 250 (probably, more or less) visitors.

It’s hard for me to find words to describe what really happened that night. The only thing I can say is that it felt like magic.

Check out some unique photo’s of the gig at the Scritti Politti Flickr Group. And don’t forget to check out Ernst videos posted at Ellen’s website!

Update: Maybe I should add that I had the chance to have a talk with Green. I asked him what kind of software he’s using and he told me about Reason 3! He also told me that he will be playing in the Netherlands, probably before the summer and probably in the Melkweg, Amsterdam. It was great being able to have a short conversation with him.


Wow. That’s great. You’re not only making progress, but people are really coming to know about it.

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